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This program provides design and simulation of complete DC to DC converter based upon the HIP5020. We have attempted to supply a reasonably accurate models and include characterized limits. However the user is responsible for any design that results from the use of this program. Additionally, the user should check the latest version of the data sheet for the current component characterization.

Aciran Linear AC Electronic Circuit Analysis Aciran is a Linear AC circuit analysis program that can handle resistors,capacitors inductors,transistors,Opamps,transformers, transmission lines,Fets and voltage controlled current sources. Table and Graphical output of Gain,phase,time delay, impedance,VSWR and Returnloss. Monte Carlo tolerance analysis available. Dos Version

ACNET provides steady state analysis of electronic circuits containing any  combination of resistors, capacitors, inductors, mutual inductors, op-amps, transistors (bipolar & FET) and transformers.  The output shows the gain, phase shift, input and output impedances of the network at any given frequency and also provides a gain plot over a wide frequency range.  The circuit values are stored on disk.

This circuit analysis program can calculate circuits up to 50 parts. Nonlinear parts are also available. It has direct current, alternating current and transient analysis. The circuit is input in netlist form. The program works with Windows 3.1X.CPU requirement: 386 with numeric processor.

AIM-Spice simulator package

ANALYSIS is a time-series analysis package which includes a wide diversity of transformations and other techniques to locate and quantify patterns in a data set. Even though you may not be analyzing time-series data, ANALYSIS can still give the same kinds of information as might be extracted from time dependent events, however, the interpretation changes.

Power Management System design frequently entails subjective judgments for many interrelated factors.This program, running under MicroSoft Windows and available free, provides an easy to use nvironment to evaluate different battery power management strategies. Full version

CADRE 1.01b is a Windows 3.1 finite element structural and dynamic analysis program used for calculating displacements and loads in static structures, or frequencies and modal vibration shapes in dynamic structures.

ChemLab for windows is an interactive simulation of a chemistry lab. Common Lab equipment and procedures are used to simulate the steps involved in performing a chemistry lab experiment. Each lab simulation is contained in a separate simulation module, thus many different labs are possible using a common lab interface.

DCIPLC is a ladder logic editor and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) simulator that incorporates basic functions used in PLC Programming.With inputs, outputs, timers, counters, clocks and flags you can develop ladder programs. Each function is simply 'clicked' onto the ladder rung with tags assigned via a pop-up window. DCIPLC also has the added benefit of being capable of controlling external applications via a serial port (RS232).Also included a schematic for building the hardware.

Digital simulator . De language. Full version.

Digital Circuit Simulator
This program is intended to be a tool for learning about digital circuits.  It can be used in conjunction with a course text book in order to allow a student to actually test and modify a circuit instead of just looking at a picture -- hopefully enhancing his or her understanding of the concepts.  The student will have the ability to create both combinational logic and sequential logic circuits.  The list of elements that can be added to a circuit is quite comprehensive, including many types of basic logic gates, flip-flops, counters, registers, and storage chips.  Infact, there should be enough elements to provide the capability to design a basic 4-bit computer.

Digital Simulator
Digital Simulator allows you to practice the construction of digital circuits in Windows. It simulates logic gates, flip-flops, oscillators switches, LEDs, and 7-segment displays There is a complete on-line Help system and logic analyzer. Thisis an excellent way for electronics students to find out what a circuit will do.

Digital Works is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behaviour.  Circuits can be composed of simple gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR, NOT) and simple flip-flops (D, RS and JK).  You can also use tri-state logic to construct systems with buses.  Digital Works also provides mechanisms for detecting race conditions and bus contention. Full version.

Polynomial/circuit analysis, w/built-in editor

DLCAS Digital/Linear Circuit Analysis and Simulation

This program is an analog simulator designed to aid in the analysis of complex dynamic systems (mechanical, electrical, etc.). It allows a designer to easily model real world components and interactions, studying the resulting responses with a computer rather than having to physically model the system. Many complex dynamic systems can be simulated mathematically, but the downfall usually becomes one of complexity and/or nonlinearity.  With the "brute force" approach taken in Dynamo, these do not present a problem. Instead, Dynamo allows rapid system modeling with easy display of the results.  The ability to do "what if" scenarios is also taken beyond common mathematical simulation limitations. Shareware version.

EasySim is an interactive digital electronic simulator that runs under Windows 3.0+. The user is able to design a logic circuit from a variety of logic cells and then test this circuit. All necessary devices are supplied to emulate a great number of available logic chips. Anything from a simple combinatorial circuit to a multi-stage synchronous counter may be emulated by this product.

Freeware digital simulator for windows.

Electronics Workbench is a powerful software tool that enables you to easily build and test simulated analog and digital circuits. The traces on the on-screen instruments are the same as you'd get on real equipment. It's easy to use and ideal for experimenting, prototyping circuits and learning about electronics. Demo Version , run for 30 min and library is not complete.

Electronic Simulator sharewrae version.

Logisym is a digital logic simulator, intended to assist you in understanding, debugging, and verifying, the operations of combinational and sequential digital logic circuits. The simulator utilizes a 'unit delay' model, and very accurately represents the operations of circuits built from the basic logic functions, providing a timing diagram of the trace output, much like a 16 trace ocilloscope.

LOGSIM is  a digital  logic simulation  program.  It is very general and infinitely expandable.  Users create a file describing their circuit and select options to configure the simulation.

LSYSTEM universal digital logic simulator

Nice cad schematic with simulator and pcb feature.  Many example , support for pic ( 16f84 ecc.) also in simulation mode . Full version, no limitation.

NOVA is a program that can be used to analyze most linear (AC) circuits. It can calculate voltage, phase, and delay at any circuit point (node) at any frequencies. Most (AC) circuit analysis programs can only give useful results for low frequencies (below 10 Mhz). NOVA can do this but it can also be used for RF and microwave circuits. Microwave circuits require the analysis be done in terms of S-parameters, rather then AC voltages.  NOVA does AC, time domain, and S-parameter analysis.

Simulator for electronics circuit with output on a virtual oscillope. Nice an full version.

PLC simulator is designed to overcome this limitation by using the PC processor to process PLC's ladder code. The PLC simulator mimic the 'OMRON Industrial PLC' with the following supported ladder code: LD, OR, AND, CNT, TIM, BLK, DIFU, SFT. It has 16 inputs, 16 outputs, 20000 internal relays, 8 counters and 8 timers.

Pspice 5.4 Student version.

PW+ Pro 2002, which stands for 'Power WinPLC Professional 2002', is windows based software to control the Velleman interface card K8000. If you don't know this card, visit the velleman site to read about it. Although the software was originally written for the velleman card, it might be adapted to use with other interface cards as well.

CGA Dos Digital Simulator

SIMetrix is a SPICE based analog simulator, schematic editor and waveform analyser all integrated in one executable. It is completely free and has no registration requirements. You can use it for as long as you like. It is not crippled - i.e there are no circuit size limits, time outs or important features disabled but lacks some of the facilities available with the full versions of the program. It will run under Windows 3.1 and higher, Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.5, 3.51 and 4.0

SIMIC is a full-featured logic verification simulator.  It has been demonstrated that SIMIC can uncover a number of critical design errors that other simulators miss.  SIMIC has shown superior accuracy and throughput when compared to competitive products.  Dos Student Version 500 parts Max.

Analog and digital simulator. Eval version 50 node max.

S-Spice 1.0b is a Windows program for spice users. It consists of a grafic editor, for drawing your electronic design, and a postprocessor. The simulation is done by an external spice simulator

With TRiLOGI Version 3.2,  it is  possible to  retrieve the compiled code  from  the PLC's  EEPROM and re-construct  them   into   ladder circuits. To perform uploading, open the "Controller" pull down menu and  select  the  new  item "Target Access".  A pop-up menu with two items "Set Password" and "Retrieve PLC's Ladder" will appear. Select "Retrieve PLC's Ladder"  item  and you will be  prompted to  confirm your wish to obtain ladder from the PLC.

68000 Visual Simulator

ACIRAN FOR WINDOWS AC circuit analysis program

This is a Demonstration version of WinBreadboard ( only one chip for time ) , the Digital Electronics Trainer/Simulator.  It has a very unique interface you're gonna love. We also have a Macintosh version wich received a "Software Excellence Award" from Technology & Learning for the '93-'94 School year and a "Four Star" review by MacWorld Dec '92.

WIN-Electronik - Helps planning an electronic network. Shareware version. Very Nice.

Solar cell simulator

The WSpice5 evaluation version of Schematics contains the same capabilities as the production version with the following exceptions:
 - only one page schematics are allowed
 - only A size pages
 - symbol libraries can contain a maximum of 30 symbols
 - schematic pages can contain a maximum of 20 parts
 - a maximum of 7 symbol libraries can be configured
   for use by the Schematic Editor
 - the Print, Export Part, and Import Part functions in
   the Symbol Editor are not available
 - a subset of the symbol libraries is provided

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